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Mini Spin Duster HK6041

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$18.60 CAD

- CAN BE USED WIDELY: Ultra-soft hair is applied to office equipment such as mini blinds, shutters, keyboards, laptops, monitors, etc., and corners, gaps, spaces between furniture, glass-bottom vases, corners in cars, etc. It can also be applied to the cleaning of places. Wherever you live, you can easily get rid of those dust

- STATIC: The feather duster has a special electrostatically charged bristle that attracts and traps dust. The removable dust head can lock dust to the head until you wash the soft hair. Unlike traditional dusters, the electric duster in this product does not push dust around and does not let it flow into the air or anywhere else in the house

- WASHABLE DUST HEAD: The duster head of this product is removable and washable. When dust is cleaned, remove the duster head, rinse in water, separate all dust, and then air dry

- EASY TO USE: Select the appropriate duster head to be attached to the electric handle and spray a little detergent on the duster head at the time of use. You can charge the 2000mAh battery and start working.

- MINI BODY: Small size is only 162*40mm (H*W) and about 176g weight